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Monkz' , born and raised in Toronto is a Mix and mastering engineer. When it comes to the studio, and engineering his 7 + years of knowledge and selectivity of different tools and softwares is always catering to the type of sounds his clients are searching for. He will make sure to work endlessly till the sound is perfect and will continue to flow ideas. 

Monkz took it upon himself to engineer his own tracks after dabbling into the rap game briefly early in his music career.  He noticed that he wasn't achieveing the sound he wanted as a rapper and wanted to figure out how to achieve industry sound as an engineer. Shortly after he took it upon himself to go to apply to Trebas and  learn audio engineering where he studied and graduated with honours. By doing this it really taught monkz how to be on the other side of the mic and really know how to manipulate just about any sound he recorded or mixed. Monkz main goal is to always make each and every Artist feel equally valued in the studio, So they can achieve the sound.

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